Micro-influencer powerhouse


We link your brand with engaged influencers to become affiliates or do gifted collabs reaching millions of new potential customers! 


What We Offer

Instagram affiliates and influencer collabs

Connect with IG influencers for gifted collabs or create an affiliate empire of influencers for your brand

TikTok affiliates and influencer collabs

Captalise on trending creators that have massive attention and influence by gifted collabs and affiliates that can also be used for UGC ads

UGC ads

Work directly with our top creators that make production backed by psychology UGC ads-optomised for purchases, not views!

Our 4 step process

Our 4-step proven process that explodes brand's social media and generates profitable sales:


1) Pinpointing customer avatar

We discover the ideal audience to target by discussing with you the target market of your brand and create the perfect customer avatar


2) Mass outreach

We then do the deep digging by reaching out to 1000's of influencers with the audience that fits our criteria as well as our existing team of influencers 


3) Posts that perform

You send out your product to the agreed upon influencers/affiliates. We strategise the best creatives for the posts


4) ROAS and growth

We track the views, social media growth and sales that we generate and manage the influencers/affiliates for future posts.


Our UGC ads process

Production backed with psychology structure

Hook: The first 3s is the most important! We capture the viewers’ attention by bizarre actions, current trends and statements that make them curious what follows

Keeping them engaged: Our rapid pace videos, constant change of sceneries and energy given out by the creator makes it impossible for the viewer to scroll. 

Call to action: Your ad has fit into the feed, but now potential customers must be lured into the buying process. After attacking their pain points-we offer them a solution, which is your product. We present a clear call to action with your offer or sale-making it a no-brainer


  1. Send your product to our creators that fits your ideal target audience
  2. We can create the engaging custom script that converts for your audience, or you can give us instructions
  3. After creators have finished filming, we edit the video so it’s optimised for low cpm’s and high ctr % and send you the final product.

The power of socialignited

Results we have produced for our clients


our free help

Do it with or without us

We strongly believe in the power of influencers, and if you do not have the budget or still don't trust the value of our service, we still want you to do it on your own. You can even book a free call and we can help you with micro-influencers and give you tips and tricks. But if you are looking to expand your brand and work on your business, not in it-we are the best option for you!


Get results

We know the best creative types for different niches, the way it must be structured to reach more people and ways to get an influencer that ghosted us, to still post


Save time

If you were to try message influencers for brand deals and create the group of influencers we have aswell as our outreach team-it will take 100's of hours!


Book A Free Strategy Call

This is a free, and non-binding strategy call with Social Ignited. In this call we will elaborate on strategies to work with free influencers and creating your affiliate empire to make an extra $5 000- $10 000/month.

Simply locate a time-slot that would suit your calendar, and lock it in. We’re looking forward to talking to you.

This Strategy Call Is Particularly For:

☑️Brands looking to increase their online sales but struggling to profit off paid ads at scale

☑️Brands looking to grow their social medias and go viral

☑️Brands looking for UGC that they can use to improve their paid advertising